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Innovation, Funding and Strategy Innovative companies in numerous sectors – that’s the world of Leap: the world of Funding and Business Innovation. It’s the world of strategic advice on subsidies and other financing arrangements and on how to optimise innovation within a company, sometimes for the whole company, sometimes for very specific matter – exactly what a company needs.

Nonetheless, our advice is always comprehensive. You see, we have in-company expertise in technology companies and in-company experts specialised in the relevant sectors, schemes and regulations, all of which is reinforced with strategic alliances with the right partners.

About Leap


Funding is the foundation for innovation!

Whether your innovations really take off is often a financial matter – regardless of your sector – i.e. it simply boils down to subsidies and financial arrangements. To sum up: success depends on “funding” and that’s where Leap comes in!

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Business Innovation

Business Innovation is the force behind your innovative drive!

Do you want to get the most out of your innovative drive? Do you want to optimise your innovative capacity? It’s a matter of Business Innovation, of strategic innovation embedded in your operational processes and powered by Leap!

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What our clients say

'A focus on clients and taking a constructive approach to a problem are not merely platitudes in Leap’s case'

Rob Beekhuis, Business Controller - Remeha

'It’s partly thanks to Leap that we were able set up a powerful consortium'

Wouter Heideman, Director of Operations - Pas Reform

'Personal professionalism, that’s what makes Leap great'

Kenneth Colijn, Management Support - Solarus Sunpower

'Thanks to the fuller subsidy flow, we can do more with innovation'

Lars Buil, Controller - Winterwarm Heating Solutions

‘Smooth and efficient, that’s how we work, that’s how Leap works!’

Jurgen Bolscher, Managing Director - Schmits Chemical Solutions

'Leap makes our life easier!'

Marcel Somers, Manager Product Center IGS & EGC - Alfa Laval Nijmegen

‘Subsidies are supporting us - they also help us help people in Benin!'

Fons Eijkelkamp, Owner - Royal Eijkelkamp

'Leap is much more than our grant specialist, Leap is particularly our strategic funding partner'

Ollie Dapper, Founding Partner - Xomnia Amsterdam

‘To maintain our innovation power, grants and therefor Leap is essential to us’

Joop Mes, Research & Development Manager - Kipp & Zonen

‘Especially the combination of technical and funding knowledge of Leap ensures an excellent cooperation’

Marco Eeman, CTO - Anachron

‘Leap signals, Leap activates’

Franc van Veen, Algemeen Directeur - Inepro Group

‘Our success is an organization that is constantly trying to explore and seize all the possibilities for innovation. Our success is also the success of Leap, who supports us in detecting and exploiting grant opportunities to maintain the optimal level of our innovative strength.'

Janco van Dam, Group Tax Manager - Lely Group

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Would you like to know more about the MIT scheme?
Download the MIT-white paper about the Regional SME innovation incentives in leading sectors.

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