Business Innovation

Most ideas for innovation do not lead to the desired market introduction, either because customer needs have not been investigated properly or because the organisational processes are not fully designed to accommodate the development of innovative products or services. Or perhaps the costing details turn out to be not economically practical. Sometimes, there is simply a lack of knowledge about some essential matters. Leap optimises your innovative capacity with our Business Innovation action plans. We help you to successfully introduce more innovations to the market, thereby increasing your returns from innovation.

Business Innovation

Optimise your innovative capacity

 Often, companies lack a strategic action plan to deal with innovation processes, although a well-founded, long-term strategy is decisive for the success and profitability of innovations. Innovation should become part of the business procedures and should be embedded in the company, though without losing sight of the interplay between the different operational processes, employees’ competences, trends and developments on the market and what the competition is doing.

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