Subsidies and other financial arrangements

Whether your innovations really take off is often a financial matter – regardless of your sector – i.e. it simply boils down to subsidies and other financial arrangements. To sum up: success depends on “funding” and that’s where Leap comes in!

That certainly means that it is a case for Leap, because we do not merely know everything there is to know about subsidies and other forms of financial arrangements, we are specialised in your sort of company, your company processes and your sector – and nobody else can say that! We focus on the long term, on strategic action plans, because that is the only way that you can truly benefit from our expertise. And that will give innovation all the scope and all the potential it needs to evolve in your company. And to keep evolving.


Whether you have a start-up company, a small or medium-sized business or a multinational, your level of success in innovation depends very much on how large the available budget is – including all the subsidies and other forms of financial arrangements you manage to arrange for it.

Innovation strategy

It depends very much on that indeed. After all, to produce successful innovations, a specific strategy, tailor-made for your company, is at least just as important. This strategy is the basis on which we can build the best possible funding constructions so that the innovation processes in your company do actually yield a profit.

The entire subsidy application

Obviously, to get the most from the financial arrangements and subsidy schemes and as part of your innovation strategy, we map out your company’s operational processes and the responsibilities within your company. We then use that knowledge to make an inventory of the subsidy options for your innovation plans. At the same time, we can study the feasibility of the subsidy schemes we have in mind. After that, we write the whole subsidy application and make sure you comply with the requirements.

The financial advantages

That’s how we work! And have been doing for years! We work with advisors who know absolutely everything there is to know about (regional, national and European) subsidy regulations. They will not leave any tax-related benefits and/or financial advantage untried

– to the great satisfaction of a growing number of clients in a growing number of sectors. Our success factor: our well-structured action plans. After all, they contribute to optimal financial arrangements for your R&D strategy, your R&D investments and your investments in expansion and replacement. The optimal financial arrangement for your plans.

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