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The most important feature of successful technology companies is that they are not only the first to respond to changes in their environment but that they are also capable of changing that environment.

The most important feature of innovation is that it’s expensive. And risky. But definitely important. And that’s why governments fund innovation: to stimulate innovation and put it firmly on the map. And keep it there!

The most important feature of innovative companies is that, all too often, they have too little knowledge, too little time and too few people to benefit as much as they could from subsidy schemes. That means that their innovative force in particular and consequently their companies as a whole cannot flourish as fully as they should.

The most important feature of Leap is that we, perhaps more than anyone else, are aware that the success or failure of innovation depends on how it is embedded, in strategic terms, into the company philosophy and into the company’s operational processes. After all, only then will innovation become innovative force. Only then will a culture be created in which innovation is not a one-off or a passing fad but the company’s driving force, built into the very foundations of the company.

Because we are aware of this, Leap has become an authority on subsidies, funding and innovation for technology companies – an authority with the expertise and experience in this field that we combine with a passion for innovation and technology.



Our corporate story

Leap was set up because we believe that there is scope in every market for newcomers who can combine top-quality service with passion. And Leap combines top-quality service with a passion for innovation and technology. We’re pleased to say that our vision was right, because almost as soon as we had founded Leap, it became one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Now, Leap is a specialist innovation consultancy firm for innovative companies with consultants in two business units: Funding and Business Innovation. Funding, to ensure optimal financial arrangements for innovation. Business Innovation, to fundamentally increase companies’ innovative force.

Subsidies, funding for innovation and Business Innovation.

Technology companies and Leap: the perfect formula for successful innovation projects. We don’t achieve this by handing out short-term advice. No, here at Leap, innovation is always mentioned in the same breath as strategy. At Leap, we always embed innovation processes in strategic action plans – action plans that begin with a good (or rather, extremely thorough) look at your organisation. We start by learning which technologies set your company in motion.


Our team

  • Bertus Postma

    Managing Consultant
  • Bianca Duiverman

    Senior Consultant
  • Björn Verstraate

  • Bram de Vries

    Managing Consultant
  • Charissa Hendriks

    Office Manager
  • Chris de Ruijter

  • Claudi van der Vegt

    Senior Consultant
  • Fatima Zulic

    Senior Consultant
  • Frank Kiliaan

    Senior Consultant
  • Huub Hendriks

    Senior Consultant
  • Jasper Uijttenboogaart

  • Jesse Bekke

  • Photo coming soon

    Joris Sibbel

  • Karlijn Thijssen

    Senior Office Manager
  • Marcel Klop

    Associate Partner Business Innovation
  • Marloes Hoekman

  • Martijn Bruggeman

    Senior Consultant
  • Nils Bakker

    Managing Director
  • Pim Wischhoff

  • Photo coming soon

    Rob Luyben

    Sales manager
  • Simon Zomerdijk

    Managing Consultant
  • Sjoerd van den Boezem

  • Thijs Bakker

  • Thomas Boerrigter

    Senior Consultant
  • Tim van Breda

  • Ward van der Linden

  • Zoë Moors

    Junior Office Manager i.o.

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